Social Media Marketing and Content Creation B2B

Social Media Marketing and Content Creation B2B

Your Social Media or Website Objectives

Social media marketing can help you connect with customers and build relationships with them. To do this, you need to regularly create and share useful content.

We specialise in creating content for business-to-business clients. If you have content that is industry-specific and technical, we can work with you to turn this into useful, digestible social media posts for your target markets.

We will sit down with you and review what you are trying to achieve through your social media and/or website. Once we know your objectives, we will discuss with you what type of content is most valuable to your target market. You know your own business better than anyone else but you may not have time to turn all your useful knowledge into digestible, easy-to-share social content, email marketing or website material.

Copy and Graphics Drafts for your Approval

We will draft the social media content, graphics or website pages for your approval. We will include the search terms your target audience are most likely to use (SEO). We use a variety of content forms such as blogs, infographics, images, video and podcasts depending on what works best for your customers and prospects.

Publish and Monitor your Social Media Posts

Once approved by you, we will publish these posts to your chosen social platforms (such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc) and monitor their performance for future improvement where possible. We create a content library for you and set up a social media scheduling tool to allow easy re-sharing of “evergreen” content.

Social Media Platforms we manage – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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