Email Marketing and Telemarketing

Email Marketing and Telemarketing

Email Marketing

Although social media marketing is much more talked about, email marketing is still a very powerful marketing tool. Most of your target customers and prospects in the business-to-business world will open their email every working day, whereas their use of social media sites will vary widely.

Sending regular, useful content to your database will build brand awareness and trust.

Excellent data reports can be extracted to show you which prospects engaged with your newsletter and which posts they read.

Telemarketing (Cold Calling)

Telemarketing or “cold calling” has often been given a bad name. From our work, we have seen that cold calling can be a superb way to get meetings with your ideal customers….provided it is done in a professional, organised and calm manner.

We can carry out telemarketing on your behalf.

We start by building a database of suitable prospects, agreeing on the objectives of the call and a call script. All call results are recorded and a follow-up action plan agreed for each prospect. Telemarketing can be integrated with email marketing where prospects are offered the opportunity to receive your email newsletter. This has worked extremely well for a number of our clients.