Digital Marketing Strategy / Plan B2B

Digital Marketing Strategy / Plan B2B

Digital Marketing Strategy for B2B Businesses 

Here at Yellow Ruler Marketing, we specialise in digital marketing strategies and plans for B2B businesses (technical products/services, heavy industry, manufacturing). We understand that creating a marketing plan for you requires that we get a very good understanding of your product/service and your industry first. 

Nobody knows your business as well as you. Therefore, we collaborate closely with you to build your plan by examining in detail your goals, your current business situation, your competitive advantage, your target markets, your competitors, the key success factors in your industry and many other elements.

Actions and Implementation: In the Actions section of your plan, we outline the “nitty-gritty” or the “who, where, why, what, how and when” of your plan so that you have specific actions that can be implemented and most importantly, you understand why these actions will help deliver on your goals.

Experience: We have created strategies for businesses in the following industries – insulation, ventilation, medical devices, estate agents, IT services, B2B training, HR and more.