Dollard Packaging

Website Revamp

Complete website redevelopment for this packaging printing company– including new photographs of quality printed packaging commissioned, full SEO plan featuring keywords suitable for the increasing search engine performance for packaging and printing, new pages added to improve the credibility of the website, improved analytics added to the site to better inform the decision making, eNewsletter and social media tools added to site.

Social Media Plan

Social media marketing plan set up and activated, blog and helpful packaging guides content written in conjunction with the company to increase the target market awareness of the company and drive traffic to the website.

Content Creation

Ongoing social media management – packaging and printing relevant updates created/curated and posted on the company’s LinkedIn company page on an ongoing basis. Engagement by packaging buyers is monitored and reported to management.


Northridge Quality & Validation


Building Marketplace Awareness

The challenge for this company was that while the company had a very high conversion rate of the quotes to jobs, the awareness level of the company was quite low within the industry. As the owner spent most of his time actually working with existing customers, he had very little time for new business development.

Prospecting for New Business

I set up a prospecting plan for this company – (assembling a database of suitable prospects to target, calling each prospect company to get the buyer name, doing a further call to get to speak to the buyer to introduce the company and invite them to receive the companies’ eNewsletter).e


The sign-up rate was very high and this allowed the owner to write useful eNewsletter material which we sent out using free email software to all the prospects.  The email analytics provided key information which meant that any further prospecting activity could be much more targeted, concentrating on those prospects who have actively shown an interest in the company and also maintained high awareness levels of the company. When the owner followed up these companies after a period of time, he found that he was much more successful in gaining meetings with the buyers in these prospect companies and generated sales as a direct result.

“Rosemary did a fantastic job with our digital marketing campaign. As a result of Rosemary’s work, we are now in contact with a hugely increased number of potential new clients. The project involved rebranding the organisation to better inform clients of what we do, work on our website and setting up an industry-specific newsletter which worked wonders in raising our profile with clients. Now when we pick up the phone they know immediately who we are; this has made the sales process so much easier and so much more successful.”

John Lafferty, Northridge Quality and Validation.


Oxfam Ireland – Pass the Present


An original fundraising idea by myself, this was an idea that tackled the waste generated by the excess of presents that young children get for their birthday by setting up a system where some guests would be invited to donate instead of buying a present. The birthday child then got a special Pass the Present pack from Oxfam Ireland as an acknowledgement of their small sacrifice for those less well off.  I created this idea and worked as a volunteer with Oxfam Ireland from inception to the launch. This involved creating the concept for Pack materials and doing radio, TV and press interviews. This project ran from 2008 until 2017

Oxfam Ireland Annual Report Extract

Oxfam Ireland Annual Report Extract

Oxfam Ireland Annual Report cover 2007-2008

Oxfam Ireland Annual Report cover 2007-2008

Castletown Pharmacy, Celbridge

Castletown Pharmacy logo

Website Upgrade

Castletown Pharmacy required website changes across a number of pages, an upgraded security and maintenance package and regular updates to the website blog. The website changes included adding new menu buttons, deleting old buttons, adding video, updating the content management system, adding new photos, improving the layout and adding more social media links.

“I received great help in reshaping and changing the contents of my website with the help of Yellow Ruler Marketing. Rosemary Lafferty is extremely professional, experienced and patient and knows how to use the right marketing tools for your business. She knows how to create and represent a very attractive website so that the client will be best informed.
I would highly recommend her and advise everyone who runs a business to take up the opportunity of a free consultation with her.”

Pery Benav, MPSI
Castletown Pharmacy, Celbridge, Co Kildare

Aspire HR Consulting, Kildare

Website design for Aspire HR Consulting, Kildare and a full SEO plan featuring keywords suitable for the increasing search engine performance. Ongoing monthly social media marketing after the website launch.