Using Marketing to Turn B2B Prospects into Customers (infographic)

Wondering how marketing can turn your target prospects into customers? The infographic below explains the process.

Key points to note: To be successful at marketing, you need to be:

– consistent posting to social media- even that is once a week or once a month

– create social media, eNewsletter, and website content that helps your target prospects achieve their goals whatever those may be

– very few prospects will buy from you after seeing only one piece of content from you – as a general rule of thumb, your prospects will have to have had 7 touchpoints with your business before they buy. (Touchpoints are any type of contact/touch with your company e.g. seeing a social post, a visit to your website, a phone call with somebody from your business, etc)

– marketing works by creating those positive touchpoints

– make sure you are doing your marketing wherever your target market/s is/are – i.e. what platforms do they use e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, or do they listen to podcasts, prefer YouTube?

– ensure you segment your target markets and create Buyer Personas for each target segment. This will help you create the correct content for each target segment. “One size” content will not fit all.

using marketing to turn prospects into customers