What is your main business goal?

Looking for ways to increase sales in your  business and wondering if you can use marketing to help you achieve this?

Maybe you think your website needs a revamp to help improve your position on search engine results page or think you could be using some social media tools, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to increase the awareness of your business in your target market.

Maybe you feel that there are opportunities for promoting your business that you or your staff haven’t got the time or expertise to explore properly.

How can Yellow Ruler Marketing help your print, packaging or label printing business?

Firstly, we can meet for a free consultation to discuss your business goals. Nobody knows your business like you do so while I have the marketing tools and sales knowledge, they must be adapted to your particular business situation to achieve your goals. Therefore, I need to fully understand your business before I develop a proposal for you.

After I have learnt everything I can about your business from you, your staff and any company literature, I will develop the proposal for you to review and discuss with me. If you wish, you can proceed with the marketing plan on a phased basis, for example, you can decide to utilise one social media first and review it’s performance before proceeding to the next phase.

Below is a list of some the key services I provide. Book a free consultation now to discuss them further.

Website Revamp / Development

Talk to us if you feel your business could get more out of your website -maybe you feel your website could produce more valuable leads or fulfill other useful functions for your business, such as customer service information. If your business is a start-up and you need a website, we can help you build a site that will actively help to market your products or services.

Prospecting for New Business

We have particular experience in finding suitable markets to target, creating a prospects database and using digital and traditional sales and marketing methods to develop these prospects into paying customers. These marketing methods would be integrated with your sales staff activity.

New Business Development Projects and Workshops

If you are busy working on your day-to-day business but are concerned about not having time or expertise to cultivate new business, then we can provide in-house training or carry out a prospecting project for you. Contact us on 086 3061260 for a free consultation.

Using Social Media for Business

Social Media can be an excellent tool for businesses to attract and engage prospects and existing customers. However, the use of social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc will only be successful if your business “feeds” these platforms with useful, valuable content. This is why we create a full 12 month social media plan for our clients.

Marketing Strategy

We can help you develop an overall marketing strategy for your business. A comprehensive marketing plan will be created that will explore all relevant aspects of your business and it’s environment to maximise your results from marketing. You may find it helpful to read the “Marketing for Irish SMEs” on the Marketing Guides section of our website.

Sales Team & Marketing Integration

Your sales staff (whether that is you or a sales team) are a vital part of your business. Marketing of any kind needs to assist and be assisted by the sales team. If your sales team feel that your website or social media is of little use to them, it may be worth considering a sales and marketing integration plan to improve marketing and sales results.


SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of getting your website found on “Google searches”. i.e. when a user searches for a product or service that you sell, SEO will help to get your website to appear on Page 1 of search engine results pages. This is an important part of any marketing strategy, regardless of your product or service, as customers and prospects increasingly turn to the internet to find solutions to their needs.