Will using AI for content creation negatively affect your rankings on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPS)?

We all now have easy access to artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as Chat GPT to help us speed up content creation for our websites or social media. However, this raises an important question – if you use AI to create your website’s blog posts or website page content, will this negatively affect your rankings on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPS)?

Google have answered this question in their webpage, entitled Creating Helpful, Reliable, People-first Content.

Content should Answer the User’s Query

They clarify what it is that Google is “looking for” when it chooses which webpages to rank highest.
In summary, Google wants to help its users/searchers as much as possible when serving up results. Therefore, whether you have used AI or written the content yourself, your content should always aim to help the user find the answer to their query.
Helping your user should be your first priority and basically it doesn’t matter or not whether you have used AI in part or not at all as long as your user leaves your page feeling satisfied that they now have the information they wanted.

AI Disclosures in your Content

However, Google does suggest that in some cases, “AI disclosures” may be a good idea because “sharing details about the processes involved (in creating the content) can help readers and visitors better understand any unique and useful role automation may have served.”

Questions to Ask before you Publish Content that has used AI.

Google suggests that publishers should ask “who, why and how” about their content.

In the “how” part, they suggest that in some cases, AI disclosures may be useful in order to be fully transparent as shown in this extract below:
“If automation is used to substantially generate content, here are some questions to ask yourself:
Is the use of automation, including AI-generation, self-evident to visitors through disclosures or in other ways?
Are you providing background about how automation or AI-generation was used to create content?
Are you explaining why automation or AI was seen as useful to produce content?
Overall, AI or automation disclosures are useful for content where someone might think “How was this created?”

Content Creation for your B2B business

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